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Children First

Children First Results and Impact

Launched in 2021, Park Partnership for Success is Children First’s data-informed, cross-sector, cradle to career partnership closing the race and poverty opportunity gaps so that all kids in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, can realize their brilliance. We are a member of StriveTogether, a national movement of nearly 70 partnerships across 30 states and Washington, DC, working to ensure every child has every opportunity to succeed in school and in life. Together, the StriveTogether network reaches more than 14 million young people.

Early Years Action Group & Latino Parent Group

Our Early Years Action Group and Latino Parent Group both focus on school readiness. In 2022, we secured a $250,000 grant from the MN Department of Education, the funding of which helped fuel our operations and support the implementation of school readiness initiatives. With the additional funding, we also added an Early Years Coordinator and Youth Educator.

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Children First

Park Partnership for Success

A community collaboration of data backed, cradle to career networks. The goal of the partnership is to close the gap between race and poverty in Saint Louis Park. We want to tap into the unrealized potential and brilliance that each child in our community has to offer.

5 Milestones in a Child’s Life

We’ve adopted a proven model supported by the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network and utilized by 70 different communities in the country. We’re committed to ensuring optimal results for our children.

Kindergarten Readiness

Preschool is important. This milestone ensures children are socially and emotionally prepared for Kindergarten.

Early Grade Reading

One of the early success indicators is reading comprehension and proficiency. Students who achieve high level reading abilities by the 3rd grade, are more likely to complete high school.

Middle Grade Math

Achieving strong math skills is another important milestone. The test results from 8th, 10th and 12th grade math exams show teachers and educators where the student ranks for college preparedness.

High School Graduation

Graduation from high school impacts the economic welfare and success of students. This can lead to higher paying jobs and opportunities to pursue higher education.

Post Secondary Enrollment and Completion

There is a direct correlation between receiving a college education and earning potential. Completing a college degree significantly impacts upward economic mobility and income.

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StriveTogether Network

A national network of communities committed to racial equality and economic mobility for each child. The group formed in 2011 and incorporated in 2017 as a non-profit.

Education Partnership Coalition

Using a birth to career approach, the coalition works together to create positive outcomes for children and families in their community.

Education Partnerships Coalition

Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Festival is an annual event for the Saint Louis Park community. The event is about engaging with the children and families of St Louis Park, while enjoying their favorite books. In 2023, the Summer Reading Festival was hosted by Children First.

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Youth 4 Change Coalition

Launched in 2023, this leadership initiative offers different strategies to improve outcomes for the youth of St Louis Park. We want to inspire the next generation of leaders. The program is available for 9 – 12 graders.

Youth 4 Change Coalition Job Description
Youth 4 Change Coalition Application Form