Help build these positive traits in the young people you know to put them on a path to a healthy, flourishing life. The 40 Developmental Assets are the research base for Children First. Search Institute created the list which addresses the relationships, experiences and expectations young people need to thrive.

Download a list of the 40 Developmental Assets.


Search Institute has studied more than 5 million young people and the research consistently shows that young people who have more assets, are less likely to be involved in risk-taking behavior and more likely to thrive.

Young people in St. Louis Park who have 30-40 assets thrive.
92% maintain good health
61% succeed in school

Young people with lots of assets are less likely to be involved in risk behavior:
2% drink alcohol
3% use violence to solve conflict


St. Louis Park survey data from 6th – 12th grade students shows the same. Too few of our kids are at the highest asset levels. That’s why we need the whole community focusing on all our young people.

When the community focuses on its young people, it makes a difference! Here’s what St. Louis Park teens said in the last survey:

  • 83% say “on the whole I like myself.”
  • 74% have family support
  • 74% are motivated to do well in school
  • 73% are optimistic about their future

See a summary of St. Louis Park’s survey results.

Chart: Power of the assets to promote/ Power of the assets to protect